Jigger + Gill

When it comes to our cuisine, we conceptualize it as “SACRAMENTO SOUL FOOD” Most people indulge in Classic American Soul Food, but every culture has its own dishes that also feed the soul. Sacramento, CA is the most diverse city in the world- both in ethnicity and religion. We celebrate the cultures that make up Sacramento by creating those dishes while also celebrating the beautiful farms/purveyors that surround our city. People love asking us what our specialty is and we give them the same answer every time: Our specialty is 100% creating a unique experience for our clients. We don’t focus on one type of cuisine or type of service. We don’t limit ourselves to our location either, the world is our kitchen. We love challenging ourselves and learning new recipes from traditional and modern techniques.

We have every type of resource you need to throw the most unique party any one has ever attended. We specialize in out-of-the-box ideas to turn traditional parties into memorable experiences. Our team is comprised of the most ambitious event planners, chefs, cake decorators, artists and even musicians. We have a highly skilled group of servers and cooks that are quick to adapt to any situation, and most importantly, we love doing last minute events. We are your one stop shop for that crazy party you’ve been planning.