Our Workers

All of our workers have gone through an intensive interview process, orientation, and have attended training seminars in order to be active in our organization. We communicate with our workers after every gig they work, and coach them through any speed bumps they may have faced.

We guide our workers to act accordingly and consistently at each gig. Upon receiving feedback, we communicate all of this to the other workers. We talk about what they did at the job site, what to look out for, and how to create a positive experience for everyone involved, this creates harmony between our workers, and consistency you depend on.

Our Partners

The job sites we work with are aligned with our vision: to create the leaders of tomorrow by providing a positive work environment today. We educate the businesses on how to utilize our platform efficiently, as well as enhance the productivity of our workers. With setting expectations on both the worker side and the business side, we create a well-balanced relationship.

We have high expectations of Our Partners, just as we have high expectations of Our Friends, just as there are high expectations of our organization and it’s impact. We treat our processes as much, and promise to deliver a “whatever-it-takes-approach” for success.

To Get Started

We believe in providing the best worker available for your business. Upon requesting a gig for your first time, you will receive a call to discuss further details about the gig. This ensures we are able to deliver the highest quality worker. Please be patient with our processes, as we are focused on quality, consistency, developing careers and helping businesses flourish, rather than convenience.

If you are planning for a large party, please call (916) 945-0950 or email virgil@meetourfriends.org for assistance.